Dear Incoming Gaucho and Parents/Guardians:

On behalf of the UCSB Athletic Training Staff, we would like to welcome you to the University of California at Santa Barbara.

The purpose of this letter is to help you with the establishment of your Athlete Portal through our Athletic Trainer System (ATS). Once you set up your Portal, you will be able to fill out all of our medical forms and information.  The directions for getting started and navigating your Student Portal are available in the PDF file below. Also, the link to ATS is listed below.  Please make sure to read and follow all instructions, as they will tell you exactly what forms you need to complete for participation. If you have any questions, please contact the athletic training staff at (805) 893-3424.

Additionally you will need to complete a hard copy of the Verification of Insurance. You also MUST include a copy of the FRONT and BACK of your insurance card.

To ensure no delays in your clearance and participation, please complete all ATS forms and insurance verification by July 15th.

As of August 1, 2010, the NCAA (per Bylaw 17.5.1) mandates that its member colleges and universities determine the sickle cell trait status of all new student-athletes. In accordance with this rule, UCSB Athletic Training and UCSB Student Health have made the necessary changes to the existing sickle cell trait screening program. Under the current NCAA and UCSB Athletics rules, incoming student-athletes must satisfy one of the following options at the time of the pre-participation physical to be medically cleared for athletics.

1)    Provide results of a prior sickle cell test (done at birth as part of a newborn screening in most of the United States)

2)    Take a blood test at Student Health Services and wait for the results BEFORE participation.

3)    Take a blood test at an outside location and submit the results prior to the physical exam.

As of today, all 50 states have newborn screening programs that identify sickle cell trait status at birth; however, not all states adopted screening in the same year. In the state of California results may be available from your child’s pediatrician or from the State at Look for frequently asked questions from athletes for sickle cell trait. Please follow instructions on how to complete the request form.

If you son or daughter was NOT born in California, please contact your pediatrician for results. Alternatively, you may contact the newborn screening program in the state where your child was born using this website:

The Student Health Center requires that all immunizations are up to date, including tetanus and pertussis.  Please include a copy of your immunizations records showing all records are up to date.  For further information, go to .  Also, if you have a history of injuries, accidents, illnesses, cardiac conditions or surgeries that have kept you from participating in your sport, please provide us with a written letter of final clearance signed by the treating physician.  Please make sure this is also noted in ATS.


The University of California Regents and UCSB Student Health Services requires all University of California students to have health insurance coverage. It was adopted that anyone with an HMO, Kaiser or PCP who is more than 30 miles away cannot waive out of the University Health Insurance, known as Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI). We highly encourage all student-athletes to purchase GHI for the entire academic school year. By purchasing this plan, a student-athlete will have access to medical care on campus at the UCSB Student Health Center for general health issues and/or non-athletic related illness/injuries. This will be very convenient for your son or daughter as it will limit interruptions in their busy academic & athletic schedules.  Also if you decide to purchase GHI, we highly encourage the purchase of the GHI Supplemental coverage as your son or daughter must have insurance to participate in summer practices. The academic year starts nearly a month after Fall practices begin, and your son or daughter will need to be covered. For further information regarding GHI, please contact the UCSB Student Health Service GHI website at 

Again, please complete ATS, insurance verification, and sickle cell form no later than JULY 15th. This will help to expedite the physicals upon arrival to UCSB. Without these forms, you will not be allowed to take or your physical or participate in athletics.  Your cooperation and assistance is greatly needed in this matter. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the athletic training staff at (805) 893-3424.

Once again, welcome to UCSB; we look forward to seeing you soon.


Leroy Heu, M.A., A.T.C.

Assistant Athletics Director/Sports Medicine

Head Athletic Trainer                        

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