The mascot dons several tributes to past legends. The mask maintains the mystery of the Gaucho and honors the famous “Fantom of the Dome” who wore a mask or goggles as he fired up Thunderdome crowds during the 1990s.  Olé performs in conjunction with band, dance and cheer to rally support for the Gauchos on campus and in the community.

Olé is available for outside or campus promotions by completing the Ole Rental Request Form. Please send the completed form to the UCSB athletics marketing and promotions team at bluecrewucsb@gmail.com.

Recently Olé gave a witty exclusive interview for ucsbgauchos.com. Here is that interview:


Date of Birth:
That's for me to know and the IRS to find out.

Anywhere from 6' to 6'6". It really depends on how stealthy I need to be at any moment.

First class. First class all the way baby. Oh, you mean class as in grade? You might call me a super senior.

Gaucho Athletics with a minor in triumph.

Aspires To:
Hang more championship banners at the Thunderdome and Harder - I really never get tired of winning. I also want to play along side Michael Douglas as Charlie Sheen's replacement in Wall Street II. Two Gauchos, one screen - I smell Oscar madness.

Who cares? We're talking about me, aren't we? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Favorite Movies:
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, The Gaucho, and The Breakfast Club (hey, it's a heart felt coming of age story, plus Judd Nelson is the quintessential rebel, a quality I personally endorse).

Favorite Song:
That one where they repeat my name about a million times. It may seem repetitive to the layman, but when examined closer, one can truly appreciate its poetic genius. Plus, it really annoys fans from Irvine, which brings me quite a bit of personal satisfaction. Also, I have to give a shout to Steely Dan for "Gaucho." Nice.

Favorite Food:
Mustang Stew. It can really be a bit gamey but, with the proper seasonings, I could eat the stuff everyday.

Favorite Moment:
The 2008 Olympics, and you know it, with my boys Todd Rogers and Jason Lezak taking home gold medals. You're welcome Phelps! I also really enjoyed watching Greg Somogyi straight dunk over Tyler Hansbrough in the Thunderdome. That was vicious. Player of the year who?

Personal Heroes:
The Fantom and Gaucho Joe. Or, as I like to call them, the Godfathers.

Beating Aggies, Rainbow Warriors, Anteaters, Titans, Highlanders, 49ers, Matadors, and Mustangs. I also like participating in various IV activities, such as throwing a goal post or two into the Pacific Ocean. You know, the usual.

Also Enjoys:
Practicing my tortilla toss, storming courts, relaxing at Sands, occasionally working my guns at the ICA gym (I can do over 1,000 curls. Seriously, its just freakish, natural muscularity. It doesn't suck to be Olé), and of course, victory.

Biggest Slight:
Here's what I'm burning on. Here I am strutting my stuff at Mascot Madness, making the other schools look utterly foolish, and do I get any press from Jim Rome? Nope. Hey Rome, did any other mascots do the Worm? The Soulja Boy dance? No, they didn't. But Olé did because, lets face it, I rock. Don't worry though Romey, I could never hate a fellow Gaucho, especially one with facial hair almost as good as mine - that's one fine goatee home slice. Now how 'bout my close-up?

If I Had it My Way:
Cal and UCLA would step up and see what it's like to play in the Thunderdome. Keep on running big boys. You can't hide behind ESPN forever. Do I smell chicken?